MISBHV - Evolution of the brand from Streetwear to High Fashion

The Polish fashion label, MISBHV, started by designers Natalia Maczek and  Thomas Wirski, has managed to make a seamless transition from the streetwear scene to that of high fashion in a few short years. The ‘for the people by the people’ brand have demonstrated an effortless ability to combine modern tastes and trends with all the subcultural intellect you would expect from an underground label.


Maczek was responsible for founding MISBHV a number of years ago as a side project, creating a minuscule line of t-shirts for close friends, mainly DJs, to wear in clubs she visited as a teenager. They have recently developed into a fully-fledged contemporary line for both men and women, that incorporates aspects of streetwear, high fashion, and nostalgic silhouttes.

Maczek and Wirski, former law students with no formal education in fashion, tell us about the brand's use of new and unique methods of experimenting with leather and denim. “Everything we did so far we learned ourselves. A lot of times we talk about the DIY process because this is what we grew up around,” explains Wirski. “If we wanted to make a pair of trousers, we had to learn ourselves.” It is this history of DIY creation, similar to Martin Margielas DIY work seen throughout the years, that allows MISBHV to stand out from the rest of their competition.


Their aesthetic, unique as it is, goes back to their days as teenagers while club hopping in Eastern Europe, alluding to misbehaviour. "I think people go back to the age they grew up in when they design," Maczek muses. This history has lead them to incorporate things such as exaggerated and elongated silhouettes, unconventional pockets, shiny patent leather, motocross inspirations, oversized tops and more into their garments.

Another reason MISBHV are so attractive in the new-wave fashion industry is that of their manufacturing techniques. All fabrics are of the highest of standards and are sourced through Europe, mainly Italy, Portugal and France, and the final products are all made in Poland, the labels country of origin. This is significant because it shows how dedicated the brand is to there past. The prices of items from their AW ’17 collection ranged from €40 to €1750, allowing for many people, regardless of income, to be able to afford pieces from the label.


MISBHV’s gender-neutral silhouettes found on some of their pieces have opened the label up to a much larger market segment. What sets MISBHV apart from other similar brands such as Gosha Rubchinskiy, Undercover, and Craig Green, however, is the brands consistent and evident ability to capture the history and stories of both its founders and of itself, evident by the use of motorbike-styled leather and denim in all the labels collections.                                         

It is, however, the decision to allow the creative directors of the brand freedom and security in what they can do, the constant sourcing of better quality materials, and the use of runway shows to present new seasons to the public that has allowed MISBHV to evolve from the streetwear scene to the high fashion scene.


MISBHV has been supported by a number of celebrities. The first of these being Rhianna, who performed in-front of a British crowd sporting a Matrix-style MISBHV jacket and thing-high PUMA x Fenty boots during her performance of ANTI in London.

With the support of other celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown and Kylie Jenner wearing the label on a regular basis, as well as the opening of the labels first boutique in Warsaw, it is only a matter of time before the brand becomes an international powerhouse of the fashion industry.

Words by Will Naughton

You can shop MISBHV at https://misbhv.com

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