Would you buy an upcycled t-shirt if it was Alyx?


The impact that fashion has on the world's environment is large and undeniable. From the toxic chemicals expelled by factories into water systems to the sheer amount of waste fabric that isn't being reused, fashion takes its toll. There are many ways in which the industry, and more specifically the fast fashion segment, is failing us in regards to this issue. Capitalising on the fast pace of modern life, these companies exploit the need for consumption by offering very affordable, somewhat fashionable (debatable) items that appear unassuming, but have a dark connection to numerous issues.


Due to this, it's refreshing, if not relieving, to see companies begin to take into account the importance of the environment. Alyx has taken a move into the environmentally conscious sector with it's new collection: Visual, which is made exclusively with upcycled, cotton-rich yarn from pre-owned garments. The process used to recover and repurpose the clothes is almost entirely free of chemicals and water, and also makes use of reclaimed plastic bottles to help make the cotton yarn. Currently available is the Visual 3 T-shirt pack which retails for $185 and includes tees in black, white, and grey; a very minimal and clean collection that will serve as a basic foundation for building up a wardrobe. The pack is available at alyxstudio.com as well as other retailers. It's interesting to see ALYX introduce an entire collection based around environmental conscience, in fact, it's actually quite promising for the company, but how much attention are they going to give the collection? How many items are going to be added each season? You know as much as we do, but we have hopes that they'll develop Visual further and encourage other brands to follow suit.

Words Mitchell Goudie

All images courtesy of Alyx Studio

The t-shirt pack may be purchased here