The return of Prada and their "Clout-bursts"

In the current culture of streetwear, many eagle eyed observers have seen a meteoric rise in a certain high fashion brand within a small part of a of the community. This brand has gained a surge of popularity by employing smart business tactics, such as re issuing their logo in an updated and futuristic design, while also allowing a general aesthetic pertaining to the decades of the 80’s and 90’s, something that is currently a large trend at the moment.

Prada recently released an SS18 collection in stores across the world and from this release, certain items such as the ‘cloudburst’ sneakers and the ‘rubber tag’ track pants have been leaving the shelves almost as fast as they came in. This caused a disrupt in streetwear scene as suddenly people were scrambling to find certain items before they would sell out, even if such items came at an incredibly high price tag.


When asked about the collection, Miuccia Prada said that the central idea this season was “really that on one side is the virtual reality and on the other is the reality of the human part.” This theme of virtual reality mirrors the 80’s, where young people wore futuristic and bright outfits in an effort to stand out or later on, to fit in with everyone else. To create this theme, the brand used more tactical fabrics such as nylon and rubber in certain garments, which them a tactful and utilitarian outlook. They generally stuck to a theme of minimalism but also allowed themselves the freedom in creating a new logo that would be central in all the futuristic based garments. This was the rubber strap that sat upon the top of the shoes and the cuffs of tracksuits that pays homage to the original prada rubber tag, but brings a refreshing update and allows the brand to remember its roots, but still evolve and adapt with the times.

Another contributor to this growth could be the placement of various influencers such as Luka Sabbat and Ian Connor. This placement inspired other smaller influencers such as Semsi the Pathfinder to then wear these items and this has created a buzz around the logo and incidentally the brand it belongs to.

As well as this one critical move that prada made to cement itself into the minds of industry insiders everywhere was the introduction of a shoe that took advantage of a large trend in the industry; this being the ugly sneaker trend. The cloudburst followed a similar, dated but futuristic design with an overall sleek silhouette that without the prada branding would lend itself much more to something coming out of a charity shop, as a pose to a large high fashion brand. The use of this trend allowed the less adventurous people to have a starting point into the brand and also gave it coverage from websites and magazines.


We can see that prada is currently popular and in the public interest through strategic placement on influencers giving them an audience. The re-working of a logo contributing to a more updated image and combining that with the use of trends among the industry prada has soured into popularity. However to maintain this newfound fame they must adapt and introduce new products which take part in or form new trends. Otherwise they will soon be forgotten and return back to their previous and less favourable existence within the community.

Words Stanley Lewis

Campaign images courtesty of Prada