Ian Vs Luka VS Bloody

Photo by  Tom

Photo by Tom


Luka Sabbat , Ian Connor and Bloody Osiris. I think it’s fair to say they’re all influencers within this culture whether it’s fashion, lifestyle, business or all three. This is how I rank them and some thoughts regarding why.

#1 Ian
One could make a very strong argument with out Ian, Luka or Bloody wouldn’t be where they currently are in their careers. Ian has a clear history of shining a light on to others who deserve it, he’s posted Bloody a number of times on his Instagram, and looks like he’s helped him with building connections with key people like Virgil. Ian and Luka aren’t far apart on measurable influence on Instagram but personally I believe Ian has a way stronger following. Ian has a track record of working with Wiz Khalifa (being his personal stylist) ASAP Rocky (signing with him & AWGE) , Kanye West (appearing in Yeezy season shows), Virgil Abloh (working with him on off-White), Matthew Williams (rumours going around he’s signed a deal with ALYX) and more which admittedly is extremely impressive. Ian also launched Revenge x Storm less then a year ago and said in an Interview a month ago, with DJ Akademiks, that he made $500k in 3hours, selling over 2,000 pairs of shoes.


Kids are lining up all around Europe to get their hands on them, some to resell and some to keep and beat up. His image took a big hit a little time ago after the sexual assault allegations which, after all the dust settled, nothing came of and none of the women filed police reports. I still think his accomplishments place him at first place.



#2 Luka
The golden boy in fashion; Luka has had a quick rise to the top seeing big success at just the age of 20 without going through any controversy to get there. I rank him above Ian for style as his fashion sense I personally prefer. He’s placed him self among the “top dogs” in the male model world if not No. 1 in this culture after working with people like Kanye on Yeezy and Virgil on Off White. His roots come from appearing in small roles (even silently modelling on a mock TVS programme) on Vfiles videos, before he was then picked up by other media outlets and magazines as a presenter personality that was clean enough but identifiable for a young audience. Recently he’s jumped into acting on a show called “Grownish” transcending his influence, his Instagram growth has increased five fold after the show aired. Luka doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any time soon and I’m sure he’s still going to be around in many years to come.


#3 Bloody Osiris
Most of this purely comes down to Bloody is the newest on the scene and has only been in the lime light for around a year now, while Ian and Luka have been around for 3+ years. Bloody is notorious for being ahead of the curve, just scroll down on his Instragram feed and you’ll see what I’m and all the others are talking about, Virgil also confirmed this after writing on Bloodys Air Jordan’s “YEARS AHEAD” Bloody’s growth is most likely the most natural and for the little press coverage he gets he’s done a pretty good job of building up his own audience, now with over 160k followers and getting 25k likes consistently Bloody O’s Influence is very real. While his style isn’t personally for me I respect it highly. He dropped a line of bandanas a few weeks ago pulling on some of connections like Lil Uzi Vert, Rich the Kid, Carti and more. They sold out in quick time, which makes me excited to see what projects he does in the the future.


Words by Geo Goodwin