“AT RISK.” RIMOWA and Off-White Collab on new Capsule

Founded in Cologne, Germany over 100 years ago, iconic premium luggage purveyor RIMOWA collaborates with the 6 year old Italian founded luxury brand Off-White. The announcement wasn't a huge shock as its known the 26 year old CEO of RIMOWA (Alexandre Arnault) is focused on capturing the millennial market and after their collaboration with Supreme, Off-White seems to be the next step.  It all makes complete sense as millennials drove 85 percent of luxury growth last year and increasingly demand newness and novelty.

According to Virgil, the collaboration was to give a sense of personality, adding “an emotional component to owning [the suitcase].” Going on to say, “…you become a performance art piece just by using the thing. It’s like putting your items on display and rethinking the premise of a product.” 

Its official debut will be at Off-White™’s upcoming men’s show in Paris June 20, and expect them to be available for purchase at select RIMOWA and Off-White™ come June 25.

Words by Geo Goodwin