Kanye West and Kid Cudi finally drop 'Kids See Ghosts'

Finally, the two legends Kid Cudi and Kanye West have released their long awaited collaboration project titled ‘Kids See Ghosts.’


Cudi, who has been relatively quiet for past two years, has finally come back to work with his longtime collaborator. The duo starting working together back in 2008 on Kanye’s ‘808s and Heartbreak,’ with Cudi becoming a superstar shortly after. His different style and melodic hooks have captured the attention of young people around the world. Some thought it was all over for Cudi when he checked himself into rehab towards the end of 2016 after using drugs to cope with his anxiety. His music went down a whole new path and he seemed to hate the spotlight. Cudi was always still working though. Both Kanye and Cudi’s journey back to the top has been remarkable and very eye opening to fans. With Kanye’s return to twitter in April, he announced the project, tweeting, “me and Cudi album June 8th.” The album is entirely produced by Kanye along with him featuring on the project as well. Artwork for the album comes from legendary Takashi Murakami who also did the art form for Kanye’s iconic Graduation. In May Kanye furthered the projects hype when he posted a video to Twitter of him listening to beats with a whiteboard on the wall that listed the seven song tracklist for the album. For over a decade the pair have been working closely but this album signifies their new found friendship and Cudi’s return to greatness.

The album is now available on iTunes and all major streaming platforms.

Click here to listen too on Spotify

Words by Eli Hren